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Some of these heroes, not all, are doing well as model citizens. They have family, a home, a good job, and an effective support system. Others heroes are not even close to being as fortunate and are desperately in need of local community support. Our mission is urgent, extraordinary and very doable. There are many good reasons to integrate First Responders, the Military, their Families, and their Community. Unlike other large national organizations that serve these heroes American Heroes Support Centers provide a gathering place in every local community.

Picture this. At this gathering place a fire man with a good job, a family, a home and many contacts throughout the community could be a very positive resource for those far less fortunate. When comparing this gathering place environment (positive uplifting resourceful) to a military only environment that is all too often negative and harmful, the need to integrate becomes clear. How much need is there? This crisis is illuminated by the suicide deaths of 20 veterans EACH DAY! Time is running out for these heroes. Each chapter will determine the kind of Center gathering place that will best serve their community needs.

Our National Headquarters provides them 501(c)(3) (non-profit) status, abundant resources as well as all the support they need. Most Americans recognize and honor the sacrifice and service of these heroes and want to do more than just say “THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE”. Their reward is to have a feeling money can’t buy. Right now at our critical organizational stage we need your boost to launch and to succeed. Most importantly we need to recruit experienced and proficient staff members.

We urgently need your help right now for our launch, we can take it from there.

Help get a “gathering place” CENTER in your community.

The success of our mission depends on getting as much support as possible.

If you care…to support these heroes. Please share this website with everyone and donate today!

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